Prayer To Consecrate Yourself To God

Jesus paid an unfathomable price for you when he died on the cross. The Son of God must have found this task challenging because he prayed to his father saying, “Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me [1]Luke 22:42 NLT.” But Jesus’ life purpose was to do the Father’s will [2]John 5:30. So he said to his father, “Yet I want your will to be done, not mine [3]Luke 22:42 NLT.”

Do you ever have that conversation with your heavenly father? My God, is that really what you want me to do? Is there another option? If not, then I want to follow your wishes, not mine.

Consecrating yourself to God is giving yourself to Him as a living sacrifice. Jesus purchased you as a gift for the father. By consecrating yourself to God, you are thanking Jesus for his supreme sacrifice.

When you present yourself to the Lord in consecration, you are giving him the freedom to do whatever He wants in and through you. This is your service to the Lord. The apostle Paul wrote, “I exhort you therefore, brothers, through the compassions of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service [4]Romans 12:1.”

Let God’s deep love for you motivate you to present yourself to Him.

This prayer is a model I use to consecrate myself daily to the Lord.

This prayer was inspired by a consecration prayer in the book, “Moving Mountains: Praying with Passion, Confidence, and Authority,” by John Eldridge.
Keith Bollig

Lord Jesus, I offer myself to you now as a loving vessel to join you in prayer and to glorify the Father with you. I am eager to partner with you in evangelism, discipleship, providing for others, and anything else that will reflect the character of God to those I come in contact with today.  
I consecrate myself to you alone Jesus. I dedicate my body, soul, and spirit; my heart, mind, and will. I give you the talents you gave me. Use them to do the father’s will. I’m ready to hear from you and respond. I’m ready to pray for those who need prayer. Direct me to those who need my prayers. Lord, I bring my body fully under your rule and under your dominion. My body belongs to you. I consecrate it to you fully, totally, and completely right now.
Cleanse me with your blood, Lord; restore me and renew me spiritually and physically. If I am abusing any part of my body or soul, reveal it to me. Then, I can work with the Holy Spirit to bring me back into alignment with you and the Father. 
I want to be a healthy vessel that you can use for as long as I live. Therefore, I renounce all misuses of my body, and I renounce all forms of sin I commit through my body or to my body. I renounce poor eating habits and lack of exercise [or whatever sins that you struggle to give up — drug abuse, overeating, binging and purging, anger, rage, etc.]. 
By the blood of your cross, Lord Jesus, I cancel any claim the enemy has made against me. Through your power Lord Jesus, I cancel every access or dominion the enemy has against my body, mind, heart, and soul. As a temple of the living God, I rededicate my body as a vessel for his holy life.
Holy Spirit, fill me with your renewed presence today. Help me live in union with Jesus and the Father. Grant me the power of Jesus to guide my day with his love, peace, joy, and the power of the Holy Trinity. Through Christ Jesus, Amen.


1, 3 Luke 22:42 NLT
2 John 5:30
4 Romans 12:1