Prayer for Specific Request

This prayer was inspired by the scriptures from Psalm 17, 18, 19, and 20. Some parts were inspired by the song “Take All of Me,” by Chris Tomlin.

Lord, my God. You are so beautiful to me. I don’t have the words to describe your beauty. So, I look to the heavens that declare Your glory, the skies that proclaim the work of Your hands1, and the example of our Lord Jesus to get a glimpse of You. I love you, LORD. You are my strength, my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer.  I take refuge2 in you. 

Hear me, LORD and listen to my cry. My plea seems just. It does not rise from deceitful lips. It does not come from selfish desires3. My desire is to glorify you with every breath I take and every move I make. 

You pulled me out of the rubble of my old life and washed me clean. You set me apart for Your glory.

Remember the sacrifices and gifts I offer back to you in thanksgiving that you chose me to be a recipient of your grace by faith. 

If it pleases You, may I be granted this desire of my heart? [Declare your desire with specifics]. But if it is not the path you have chosen for me, change my heart, not Your plan.  Align it to Yours and make all my plans succeed4. Then, I will shout for joy and declare victory in Your name5.

Lord, You give victory to Your anointed. You answer us from Your heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of Your right hand6. You give us supernatural power to rise up and stand firm so that we can declare victory in Your name. 

Take my life lord. Let my life be consecrated to You. 

Take every moment of my day and use them all in ceaseless praise. 

Take my hands and let them move in ways that reflect the depth of Your love.

Take my voice and use my words as expressions of love from You my King. 

Take my wealth, my intellect, and all I have and use it to bless others as you choose. 

Let all of me glorify You in Jesus’ name amen. 

1 Psalm 19:1
2 Psalm 18:1-2
3 Psalm 17:1-2
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6 Psalm 20:6
7 Inspired by the song, “Take All of Me” by Chris Tomlin.