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God's Glory

Everything Is For His Glory

This morning I was praying through a list of God’s attributes. I was led to write these thoughts to encourage anyone who is facing potentially new directions in life. Whether it be an exciting new venture or dreadful uncertainty,  He uses all of His attributes to bring Glory to Himself through us.

God’s blessedness always delights thoroughly in Himself and all that reflects His character and brings Him glory. The created brightness in mankind and all the universe that reveals God’s attributes to other creations glorifies God and brings Him pleasure.

He is the final standard of goodness, and everything He causes to be is worthy of His approval.

He fully knows all actual and possible things and acts with purpose using His knowledge to bring Himself glory. God, in His being and in His actions are void of confusion and disorder. All that He wills to be are caused with intent which should bring us peace.

God’s vision is perfect. He has the best goals and crafts the ultimate plans to achieve those goals.

So fear not what tomorrow will bring. Begin each day and each new opportunity knowing that His blessedness, His glory, His goodness, His knowledge and His vision of the future are on your side at all times and in all things.

Know that, “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them (Romans 8:28).”


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